The ‘Festa Major de Grácia’ in Barcelona

As you probably know if you’re living in Barcelona, each neighbourhood of the city has its own personality and history. The history of the city is explanation enough: until the second half of the 19th century, the upper neighbourhoods of Barcelona were independent towns that would be annexed to the capital with the construction of its largest district, L’Eixample, which would transform Barcelona into the city we know today.

Those towns-turned-neighbourhoods, as well as other neighbourhoods of Barcelona such as Poble Sec, Sants or Poble Nou, have kept their very own festivities, which take place during a week or two at some point in the year. And the super famous Festa Major de Gràcia are the most famous, appreciated and unique of all – prepare to learn why!

Festes de Gràcia, the spirit of a neighbourhood

The festival of Gràcia is similar to many other neighbourhood festivals in some ways: there are concerts and performances all around, street food, parties in the streets, castellers and activities for children and adults organised by different local organisations. But there is something else that no other neighbourhood has and that makes this festival the most unique one in Barcelona: the street decorations. Now, when we say street decorations we’re referring to something else than lanterns and streamers, at least in the case of Gràcia. The neighbours group together into commissions for each of the streets and come up with an idea, a concept that they will transform into some of the most amazing decorations you can imagine. Each of the street becomes something else, a universe, an atmosphere that transports you under the sea, to the sky, to fantasy land, California or to a pirate movie, and it’s peopled by creatures, animals, people or characters. The neighbourhood then celebrates a contest among all the participant associations to award the most amazing decorations.

So, are you ready for Barcelona’s most unique festivities? This year you will be able to attend to the 201st edition of the Festa Major de Gràcia, from the 15th to the 21st of August.

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